Meatless Meats: 10 Recipe Sampler 1 by Karen Kissell

Meatless Meats: 10 Recipe Sampler 1

Join the meatless meat movement! 10 different plant-based vegan meats are included in these jump starter recipes.  
πŸ’“ Burgers 
 BBQ Cheeseburger with Beer-battered Onion Rings
πŸ’“ Fish
Fish Tacos with Roasted Corn & Cilantro Rice Salad
πŸ’“ Italian Sausage  
Spaghetti with Italian Sausage
πŸ’“ Hot Dogs
Chili Cheese Dogs
πŸ’“ Chicken Strips
Chicken Fajita Pasta
πŸ’“ Tuna
Tuna Noodle Casserole
πŸ’“ Beef
Beef, Green Beans & Mushrooms w/ Couscous Packets
πŸ’“ Bacon 
Spaghetti Squash with Bacon & Spaghetti
πŸ’“ Chicken Fillets   
Peanut Crusted BBQ Chicken
πŸ’“ Veggie Burger Crumbles
Layered Taco Dip

What's included?

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~ Recipe Descriptions ~

1. BBQ (pea protein) Cheeseburger with Beer-battered Onion Rings
Pea Protein!
  Plant-based pea protein is a popular trend, and this BBQ cheeseburger has a double dose of it – both the burger and cheese selections are made with pea protein.  Topped with onions grilled in barbeque sauce, the burger is paired with beer-battered barbecue seasoned onion rings and vegan campfire sauce (recipes for both are included!).  V-yum!  Restaurants are busy adding plant-based burgers to their menus, but rarely is the sandwich itself vegan.  Unless you want to hold the cheese, mayo and possibly the bun, try this one instead and save yourself a few bucks to boot.
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan pea protein burgers, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream
2.  Fish Tacos with Roasted Corn & Cilantro Rice Salad
Vegan Fish Tacos?  Yes, really! Amazing vegan fish fillets highlight these summer-time-anytime tacos and are accentuated by a bounty of crisp vegetables.  Tangy lime juice emboldens a simple but mighty mayonnaise-based sauce.  Serve the tacos with a tasty and refreshing layered roasted corn and cilantro rice salad that also bursts with the vivacity of fresh lime juice. 
Vegan Transition IngredientsVegan fish fillets, vegan mayonnaise, vegan pepper jack cheese
3.  Spaghetti with Italian Sausage with Crostini with Cashew Cheese
Weekend Pasta Feast!!  Perfectly seasoned plant-based Italian sausage pairs with summer vegetables and the pasta sauce of your choice for a delectable pasta dish.  The veggies are simmered on low heat with garlic and olive oil – no hot oven is needed for roasting them in this recipe.  Jarred pasta sauce is used for convenience, but your favorite homemade sauce can substitute.  To make this dinner even more special, serve it with homemade (and addictive!) cashew cheese on French bread or crostini.  
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan Italian Sausage, Vegan Parmesan 
4.  Chili Cheese Dog
Chili Cheese Dogs – No Missing Out!  Satisfy your hot dog craving with these fully loaded chili cheese dogs featuring warm homemade chili and cheddar cheese served in a soft bun.   Grill the hot dogs on an outside grill for extra flavor or heat them quickly in the microwave.  The chili is a simple hands-off recipe that simmers for an hour.  Use spicy tomatoes and hot canned chilis to crank the chili’s heat level up if desired.   So filling and so good!     
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan hot dogs, vegan veggie burger, vegan cheddar 

5.  Chicken Fajita Pasta
Love fajitas?  Love pasta?  Combine them and pow!  Beloved chicken fajita filling is combined with pasta for a fresh and feisty pasta dish.  Canned diced chilies and tomatoes are added to the peppers, onions and fajita seasoning to create a smoky spicy pasta sauce!  Top with vegan Mexican cheese shreds and sour cream if desired.  Wow-pow!
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan chicken strips, vegan Mexican cheese shreds (optional), Vegan sour cream (optional)
6.  Tuna Noodle Casserole
Nostalgia Remake! Yes, you can veganize throwback classic tuna noodle casserole.  We make it with vegan tuna, egg-free wide noodles and cashew cream & mushrooms replacing mushroom soup. Topped with fresh buttered bread crumbs, the comfort food will continue to provide cozy comfort.  
Vegan Transition Ingredients: Vegan tuna, vegan egg-free noodles, vegan butter, cashew cream (vegan staple)
7.  Beef, Green Beans and Mushrooms with Couscous Foil Packets
Dinner in a Pouch!  Vegan beef is the star of this simple-and-savory dish, which is accentuated with crisp green beans and earthy mushrooms.  Moroccan style couscous is cooked in the foil packet right along with everything else.  Serve this meal directly in the foil packet to reduce the number of dishes to wash--got to love that!  
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan beef cubes, vegan beef bouillon 

8.  Spaghetti Squash with Bacon & Spaghetti
A fall favorite!  Delicately flavored spaghetti squash is paired with traditional spaghetti and is lavished with a slightly salty, slightly savory, slightly nutty sauce made with vegan bacon, walnuts and sage.  Served with vegan parmesan cheese, the result is a complete dish that is completely delicious! 
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan bacon, vegan parmesan, vegan butter
9.  Peanut Crusted BBQ Chicken with Roasted Corn on the Cob and Creamy Coleslaw
Jazzed Up Baked BBQ Chicken!  Moist and tender baked barbeque chicken fillets are given an excitingly different flavor profile with a crushed peanut crust.  Summer corn is cooked perfectly in its own husk in the microwave and could not be simpler to prepareβ€”and the husks slide right off.  Serve the corn with vegan butter, salt and pepper for a traditional summer treat with a vegan touch.  Creamy coleslaw accentuates this meal.   
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan chicken fillets, vegan butter, vegan sugar
10.  Layered Taco Dip
Party Time:  Spicy Taco Dip!  This vegan layered taco dip is simple to make but delivers big time on flavor.  The individual flavors of veggie crumbles, spicy queso-like vegan cheese sauce, jarred salsa and sliced olives meld together to create a comforting slightly spicy dip. You can have a new go-to party dip for your favorite chips and veggies in no time--it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and bakes for 25 minutes.  This one is delicious straight out of the oven and makes an excellent filling for burritos or quesadillas.  
Vegan Transition Ingredients:  Vegan veggie burger, vegan cheese sauce

~ Extras! ~

Most recipes come with tips and options including information on vegan products and hidden non-vegan ingredients.  This sampler includes a list of brands and products that were used to make the dishes as well as helpful informational links.