Game Day Bundle by Karen Kissell

Game Day Bundle

Vegan Potluck and Game Day Recipes. This bundle of 10 easy vegan recipes is designed for Game Day celebrations, potlucks and other kinds of fun get-togethers.  Making mouthwatering vegan snacks, finger foods and desserts can be stress free and easy, and this bundle of recipes shows you how!  

What's included?

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~ Recipes Included ~

Recipes are included for:
1.      Enchilada Pizza
2.      Mini Hot Dog Puffs with Cheddar Sauce
3.      Dr. Pepper Meatballs
4.      Cheesy Chicken Italian Party Sandwiches
5.      Creole Cowboy Caviar
6.      Spicy Garlic Crisped Potatoes with Beefy Enchilada Sauce
7.      Taco Empanadas
8.      Sunshine Dip 
9.      Mixed Fruit with Marshmallow Cream Dip
10.    Root Beer Cake

~ Recipe Descriptions ~

Creole Cowboy Caviar

Fresh Fusion Fiesta!  ๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿˆ โšฝ โšพ Filled with the โ€œholy trinityโ€ veggies (green pepper, onion and celery), this fresh and spicy creole cowboy caviar is a feisty spin on traditional Texas caviar.  

Root Beer Cake

Luscious Root Beer Delight!  ๐Ÿบ Inspired by sweet & creamy root beer floats, this root beer cake will delight.  Serve with vegan vanilla ice cream for a truly luscious treat.  

Dr. Pepper Meatballs

Classic Party Fave!  Similar to their non-vegan counterparts, these sweet & tangy Dr. Pepper meatballs are simple to make and are a perfect addition to a game day party, potluck or other get-together. 

Cheesy Chicken Italian Party Sandwiches

Easy Party Sandwich! Whether it is game day or any day when you get to feed a bunch of people, this economical cheesy chicken Italian party sandwich will deliver!  

Mini Hot Dog Puffs with Cheddar Sauce

Mini Bites of Fun! Whether baked or deep fried, these mini hot dog puffs are a blast to eat and make fun finger food for game day, potlucks and casual parties.  Kids can join in and help make this recipe. 

Spicy Garlic Crisped Potatoes with Beefy Enchilada Sauce

Seriously Elevated!  Crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft inside, these feisty potatoes are smothered in beefy enchilada sauce and creamy cheese sauce!  

Enchilada Pizza

Feisty and Festive!  This feisty enchilada pizza offers a welcome spicy kick.  The recipe reveals a super simple pizza crust secret, and a recipe for quick and easy sour cream enchilada sauce is included.

Mixed Fruit with Marshmallow Cream Dip

Fluffy as a Cloud!  This 2-ingredient marshmallow cream is light and fluffy and delicately sweet.  Served with fresh fruit chunks, it is an excellent addition to any party or game day buffet. 

Taco Empanadas

Simply zesty delish! ๐Ÿ˜‹ These zesty vegan empanadas are simple to make, and you don't need to roll the dough!  Whether you make one or many, you only need to layer on ingredients and bake for 15 minutes.  Serve with traditional taco toppings as desired. 

Sunshine Dip (High Protein)

Bring on the Sunshine!  This versatile high protein dip makes an excellent dip for fresh veggies, a lux spread for sandwiches, and a game changing sauce for grain dishes.  

~ Extras ~

Recipes come with tips and options including information on vegan products and hidden non-vegan ingredients.  Each recipe sampler includes a list of brands and products that were used to make the dishes as well as helpful informational links.  

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