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Vegan Recipe Collections include vegan recipes grouped together by theme to help simplify your selection. Choose from our current fab, fun and festive themes below.

~ Collections ~


Easy Vegan Recipes ~ Really easy and delicious one-dish recipes!


Pancakes in Paradise

Vegan Pancake Recipes  ~ Luscious egg-free and dairy-free pancake recipes!


Meatless Meats

Vegan Recipes that Use Vegan Meats ~ These recipes deliciously and easily bridge the gap between vegan and non-vegan dishes.  

Seriously, Salads

Vegan Salad Recipes ~ Side and full meal salads made with vegetables, fruits, pastas, grains, legumes, potatoes and more.


Pantry Picks ~ Beans & Rice

Vegan Recipes that use Pantry Staples ~ Both traditional and novel recipes featuring cheap pantry staples, beans & rice.  

Trendy Vegan

Trendy Vegan Recipes ~ Recipes featuring trendy vegan products and current popular dishes.


Sensational Soups, Stews and Chilis

Vegan Soup Recipes ~ Savory & mild to hot & spicy soup, stew and chili recipes!

Potatoes in Paradise

Vegan Pancake Recipes ~ Traditional and innovative recipes using a beloved and economical staple. 

Vegan Desserts

Decadent Desserts ~ Vegan desserts that are decadent and luscious and frequently novel.  


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